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My name is Tom and I am a photographer from the Netherlands. After having worked for the world renowned superyacht publication SuperYacht Times for 3 years I started my own company to provide the superyacht industry with high quality photography.

After seeing my very first superyacht back in 1999, Amels’ Boadicea, as she was conducting sea trials from my hometown of Den Helder, I have been fascinated by yachts.

I bought my first camera when I was 12, and from then on I was to be found every day taking photos at Den Helder’s port and airport, honing my new found craft. Over the years I even became something of a local celebrity, so often was I down there.

My passion for machines is what drives me to look for that unique picture that no one else will take. Whether I am shooting yachts, helicopters, planes or spaceships, I will always be fascinated by their curves and edges, and my infatuation with the subject is what inspires my photos.

If you are looking for build photography, or to commemorate milestones and events, or even to record expeditions and charters, the combination of my love of yachts and my love of photography makes me dedicate my whole attention to the job, and capture every moment in the best way possible.

If you are just here to browse and look at pictures of magnificent machines, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the ride with me! Please feel free to look through my portfolio for inspiration, and I can provide all photos high resolution that you might wish to purchase.

Thank you all for the support over the years, and please get in touch if you want explore the future possibilities!

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